Sark, Etc.

I was perusing the September issue of Marie Claire magazine the other day and came across a small article about one woman's quest to help with stress in her life. The author-Judith Newman- went to a seminar about balancing her body/mind/spirit and learned about meditation. The part of the article that I underlined and focused on was actually something she learned from one of the instructors, Nancy Plumer. In Newman's words....

Plumer talked a great deal about reframing the problems in our lives. "Everything that is a 'have to' is stress," she said. "Stress happens when you don't have choice." She then suggested alleviating tension by changing all those "have to's" into "choose to's." So, "I have to visit my mother" becomes "I choose to visit her; it makes her happy and I love her."

This was similar to the very inspirational words I heard tonight from Sark at her book reading for her new book, Juicy Pens Thirsty Paper (which I excitedly bought after I was a bit drawn in by her speech, humor and glowing energy). I encourage you to check her site out if you haven't- www.planetsark.com

She asked what if you do something bad-which we are all so worried about-what would happen? Nothing really, right? So just live life!

Today, I am grateful for friends, family, experiences, meeting inspirational people and God.


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