I'm Back!

Whew, I'm recovering from another whirlwind trip in such a short period of time mixed with all other aspects of life...(Next trip: 1 day road trip on Thurs. Lots to get done before then! Midterms are next week, etc...)

Anyways, this trip was through the American Pain Foundation (great organization, awesome people!) I am on their Pain Community Advisory Council. This gathering was with their Power Over Pain Action Network. It was a great group of people leading the country in change for the pain community-leaders from different states, etc. Everyone who lives with pain has a lot to thank these people for! They are very dedicated and do it mostly as volunteers!

All of these trips revive me, yet exhaust me. I try to think of the reviving part-the positive energy of these people on my journey through life and their inspirational stories.

Today, I am grateful for a day to catch up on errands, school, and REST, for family, friends and God-who are all there for me and I try my best to be there for them.


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Rachel's sister said...

In case I haven't told you lately...You are simply AMAZING! And I love you so much! :)