The Irony of Cancer's Aftermath

Pictures-Copyright Rachel L-2007

Cancer and everything thing that comes with it does that to a person-or at least me-it makes me feel very empowered to have survived and want to do 'big things'...but other times it makes me self-conscious and feel weaker and overwhelmed.

Sometimes when I should act 'excited' or on the opposite spectrum-sad or disappointed, I feel numb from everything I've been through and don't fully experience these. Thankfully this doesn't always happen and I'm able to have these feelings at other times but I feel that they are definitely affected by my past sometimes.

Just some thoughts I had over the weekend on the plane ride (I made notes this time so I wouldn't forget to write on the blog about them)!

Today, I am grateful for a big nap, a nice morning babysitting, being productive, friends, God and family!



Meaghan said...

I totally know how you feel! Too say its a roller coaster of feelings would be an understatement. Like you said there are days when I feel nothing could knock me down and then others when a fall leaf falling to the ground would knock me on my ASS. I think of you often!


ps when are we going to find out about the Glamour contest?

Ruby Red Slippers said...

You have been through so much- I can't imagine. I am glad you are here, and you have made it through. I pray God continues to keep you healthy!!!