Extreme Home Makeover

Because of traveling, I'm sad to say I forgot to remind everyone that the family I knew was on Extreme Home Makeover on Sunday. I was able to catch it online and it was REALLY good! If you watch towards the beginning when they talk about Dawn's nursing career, you can see a bald pic of me with her and my brother :). It was great to see some of my friends on there too!

This family is so deserving and I am so incredibly happy for them!

To watch it online go here.

Today, I am grateful for a day with only 1 true commitment, family, friends, God.



Meaghan said...

I knew it!! Thought I saw you...you got my comment right?

hope you are feeling well :)

Obsessedwithlife said...

Yes-thanks. Sorry if I didn't respond! Hope things are going well for you!


Anonymous said...

I thought that was you. I watched it when it was on.

Mom L.