Major Acceptance Review

Last Friday, amidst the craziness of packing and everything else, I had what is called a "Major Acceptance Review". As a transfer student, I had to do it halfway through my first semester at my university. It is described in the handbook as, Advanced standing as a major in the Art Dept. is achieved by faculty evaluation of a portfolio of the student's studio coursework.

So, the night before (because of about 6 other commitments during the day) I set up about 20 or so of my art pieces from 11pm-2am. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out (see pic below).

The next morning was the review which was a bit stressful. It was just me and the art faculty (about 12-15) with clipboards-all looking at you and your work. I actually was pretty calm and felt comfortable. I felt it went well and based on the paper in the picture that I picked up yesterday-they felt it went well too!


I am an official art student. It feels amazing!

Today, I am grateful for the weekend, friends, family and God.



Anonymous said...

Aunt K & Uncle B

Lori B said...


Rachel's sister said...

Hip hip hooray! I am so proud of you! And the pieces look absolutely awesome! Love you sweet girl.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Rachel- I'm very happy for you- well deserved!


Meaghan said...

Congratulations :)

Thuy said...

Rachel, YAHOO!!!! I'm sure that was a "major" undertaking. :) (I know, I'm totally corny.) I'm really proud of you; congratulations! Your work is amazing. - I'm glad we share a university in common. :)

You looked great in NYC!

Anonymous said...

Wow - congratulations!!!