A Taste of My Past

This past week I have done more 'medical stuff' than I have in months...I had the sort of emergency visit on Tuesday for my numb hand (update: it seems about the same, maybe a little worse-we'll see what the Dr. has to say tomorrow), I had a MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine on Thursday because my titers were low-meaning my autologous stem cell transplant in 2001 knocked out this particular vaccine and so I had to get it again (there's apparently an outbreak of measles). Then on Friday, I had a routine 6 month appointment with another doctor. Finally, yesterday I had a flu shot.

All of this has me pretty sleepy and not feeling that great but thankfully today has been a day of no committments (a rarity) and my husband and I are taking full advantage. I slept in and then took another nap.

The funny thing is, too, that all of this stuff is SO minor compared to what life was like in the past. It just reminds me of what did happen and truthfully, what could happen, unfortunately.

Today, I am grateful for a day to: catch up on schoolwork, rest, love, hope, support, family, friends and God.



Meaghan said...

Wow you have had a lot going on this week, some great some not so great! I too was thinking today about all the things I went through and how now I should be able to accomplish just about anything!

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!


Lindsay said...

thinking of you <3