Finito (almost)

Whew...tonight I finished up the semester-for the most part. I have something smaller due on Friday and some cleaning up to do at school but the big stuff is out of the way! I know I got an A in College Algebra. At the beginning of the class (and when I signed up)-I was actually worried. I needed it for my math credit for my major and because of cancer, I hadn't really taken much math for about 8 years...(a 1/4 of a semester of calculus-twice over-both times interrupted by relapses)...

My dad used to like to joke that I lived the 'college life' while I was going through cancer treatments-I slept in a lot, I taught myself much of the material, didn't always go to class, etc.

Some of my concerns over the past few years has been...can I do ok in classes on my own? I know this may sound strange-but I was self-conscious about it. Between having a special tutor and some help with my schoolwork from teachers and friends when I had cancer, I started to doubt myself and wondered if I would do ok on my own-especially in college.

The other thing I worried about was whether the chemotherapy and other treatments had affected the functioning of my brain-if I would lose some intelligence. I do not believe I am less smart nowadays but I do get some foggy chemobrain symptoms and sometimes can't concentrate as well or process things as quickly, etc. but I've learned to deal with it and usually people don't even notice. It can be trying at times though.

So, the past few years I have really been 'on my own' in college. A lot of professors in the past did not know about the cancer or if they do, I don't get special help. I have gone into my current and last colleges without knowing anyone in my classes and have excelled. It's been nice to prove to myself that I can do it on my own and can do it well-even with all the distractions, especially of this semester-the traveling, speaking, not feeling well, etc. Even though I won't have my final GPA for a few days, I have a good feeling.

Now for some sleep...

Today, I am grateful for break, sleep, a wonderful art event this evening with friends and catching up with some old aquaintances/friends, friends, family, God and relaxing baths!



Anonymous said...

I love the dragonfly picture.

Mom L.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting all the big stuff out of the way!! That's GREAT!!