In the End

In the end, it seems to have been the right decision. It was not easy to make because there was still thoughts that the alternative would have been preferred. My mind had been set on it. But forces seem to have not been leading me to that choice. After it played out the way it did, it seems to have been beneficial for multiple people and that makes it worthwhile for me. It was not that it was not trying at times-in multiple ways-but it was mostly overcome. Overall though the results were very pleasing and perhaps I would do it the same way over again. It was pretty satisfying on multiple levels.

Today, I am grateful to be closer to break, for a nice dinner to look forward to, for a great weekend, for being able to get into my frozen car this morning and get to school on time for my exam, friends, family and God.


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One Mother with Cancer said...

Thank you... I really appreciate that.