The Funny Thing about Medicines

I have obviously taken way more medicines than I can keep track of over the past 10 years...and still continue to take a fair amount. So, when it comes to taking more than is required, I am hesitant, even if it will help.

I'm not sure where it stems from except maybe I don't like the extra side effects or putting even more chemicals in my body. Even though Zofran (amazing nausea medicine-can come in pill, IV, etc. form) helps a ton and I can't imagine life without it, I usually wait until I absolutely need it before I take it. This is instead of taking it at the slightest onset of nausea and catching it early. I probably end up setting myself back playing catch-up with the meds (that's what the doctors and nurses used to tell me when I was on chemotherapy- take it early). I also don't like essentially the only side effect of Zofran..

So, while I sit here with another cold or possibly bad allergies, I am hesitant to take medicines...ones that make me feel funny or cause huge headaches if taken for more than a couple days and so on...

Today, I am grateful for a day on the couch to hopefully feel better, a fun week planned next week, friends, family, God.



Lindsay said...

I've been taking my nerve pain medicine less and less, but I know I'll regret it once I get an attack again. Oh meds. Hope you feel better.

Wild About Words said...

Sending healing vibes your way. Feel better, soon, Rachel!

Henrike said...

Hope you're feeling better very soon, Rachel!