Quote to Ponder

I picked up a book that I had attempted to read awhile ago and never really finished it and noticed that I had marked a little section of the book...which usually means it's good or meaningful or made me think...

This book was by Robert Hellenga and the marked section said, "Which of us doesn't have a similar ghostly double wandering around somewhere out there in the big wide world? A self from whom we parted company long ago, at some unlikely crossroads? But do we ever encounter these ghostly selves? Do our worlds ever intersect?"

It made me think about-as I do sometimes-how different life would be without the history of cancer. Who would I be? What would I be doing? Who would be in my life? It's anyone's guess really and a big What if?

But, truthfully, overall I'm pretty happy with the life I have now and how it all turned out :).

Today, I am thankful for friends, family, wonderful husband and God!


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