Another Great Night

The beginning of what I have dubbed my 'craziest week of the summer' has officially begun! It consists of lots of working, starting summer school classes, a graduation party, a baptism and a 4-day conference! It kicked off with a full day of camp-the camp I volunteered at all week was for disabled children and it was AMAZING! I definitely got very worn out but was sad to leave the kids as I was really enjoying getting to know them and see how much most of them loved the art projects. I even was able to work with a few 1-on-1 for a bit.

After camp yesterday, I had a meeting and then spoke at the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life (they gave me a scholarship for college this year)! It was a great turnout with lots of amazing survivors! I got teary-eyed as I carried the baton and led the lap around the track for the survivors-all proudly sporting the purple 'Survivor' t-shirts. On the second lap around, all the supporters, caregivers, etc. joined the survivors including my husband, parents and some of the in-laws (thanks so much for coming!). I also got to see some old friends from an amazing camp for kids with cancer that I have been pretty involved with over the years. They even had free massages for the survivors, which was much needed after the week at camp!

Now, off to find extra energy for this week!

Today, I am grateful for all the amazing opportunities and people that I meet, support of friends and family, hope and God!



Thuy said...

Rachel, what an awesome week you had. Congratulations on receiving a scholarship for this year! I am so glad you are blessed financially as you finish school. Wish I could have seen you at the Relay for Life - sounds inspiring and uplifting. Hope you have lots of pictures! Hope you're well, my friend.

Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

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