Graduate School

I had interviews this past weekend for graduate school...one day of group interviews and the next day was a 15 minute interview with the faculty and me. I thought it went well and was fun too.

I just found out I was one of the lucky 10 accepted into the Graduate Art Therapy Counseling Program for this fall!

I couldn't be more excited as this is one of my life's goals-to become an art therapist!

Today, I am grateful for this exciting news, the family, friend, God and experiences that have brought me to this point in my life!



Anonymous said...

Congrats Rachel on being accepted into grad art therapy program. I am so happy for you. Hope you guys go out and celebrate this weekend!!!

Debbie Nagy

Dee said...

Congratulations Rachel!
I attended an art therapy class at my cancer center a few years ago. I enjoyed it and believe it helped to foster a new joy in my life- painting.


Wild About Words said...

That's fantastic! What a great way to blend your passions . . . and help others.

brogers60 said...

Congratulations!! You will be a great art therapist.

Lori B said...

Congrats, Rachel! You'll help so many. Thanks for stopping by.

TBelle said...

Congratulations, Rachel! You are going to be a blessing to the profession of art therapy!