6 Years! Woohoo!

Crazy...it doesn't seem like 5 years was that long ago. Today marks 6 years since the cardiovascular thoracic surgeon cut through 3 major back muscles, stretched and cut ribs and moved other vital organs out of the way. All done to remove Spanky, the small Nerf football-sized tumor, that was nestled between my heart, lung, spine and pulmonary artery! And the biopsy days later showed the tumor had died miraculously with little treatment and my organs survived with manageable side effects.

Still hard to believe it all happened...but I am incredibly thankful to God and my medical team. They continue to get me through every day.



Dee said...

Happy Cancerversary!
Thank you for sharing your life story.

Thuy said...

Rachel, amazing. Thanks be to God indeed! Hope you are well!

Anonymous said...

I wrote a note yesterday, but don't know if I failed to send it. Congrats on you 6 yr miracleversary! You truly are a miracle in so many ways.

Debbie Nagy

Wild About Words said...


I was just thinking about you. And here is this lovely post. Congratulations! I know each day isn't easy (and some days harder than others) and I know there are residual effects, but I'm so happy you're here and sprinkling your special brand of magic in the world.

With all good wishes,

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks everyone for the kind notes!