Miracle Story

This week has brought a lot of press concerning my miracle and my prayers to Blessed Chaminade and the Catholic Church.

I am grateful for the kind words from people and hope that this story can help others in some way.

I want to share my favorite story, reported by Maggie Crane from KMOV:


Today, I am grateful for so much it is overwhelming!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Maggie Crane's newscast, I had not seen that one, but had seen others. I agree that you are a miracle either way. Hope you and Gabe are having a wonderful summer.

Debbie Nagy

Elizabeth Munroz said...

You give hope to others to keep faith that survival is possible. Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing that Rachel. We too beleive in miracles and are having a full out Spiritual warfare for my stepson's complete healing!