This summer I have been working on designing and drawing an enormous mural with 2 of my close friends.

The theme: under the sea

The walls: very long (215 feet long to be exact), of a formally scary dark tunnel that connects 2 hospitals (SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center and St. Louis University Hospital). Some kids go through the tunnel to do radiation and other procedures at SLU. It is also used by many employees and patients of both hospitals.

There was a group of volunteers that came to help us paint it since it was such a big project but we drew and designed everything on the walls beforehand.

Here are some pictures of our finished work:

Today, I am grateful for: life, happiness, good things, grad school starting soon, God, family and friends!



Bev said...

I love the mural Rachel -- you have done a great job. I'd like to come see it in person sometime. See you soon.

Lots of Love,
Grandma Huckaba

Dee said...

What a cute mural- really brightens the area.

Anonymous said...

Great mural!! Looks like you had fun painting it. Hope you guys have had a great summer.

Debbie Nagy

Carol said...

Love the mural. It brightens everything up