There Goes 2010...

Life Mapping #2, Donation to Scrabble Night fundraiser
for Our Lady of Perpetual Food Pantry (my husband was the chair)

Well, there goes another year! Wow!

Happy New Year!
My 2010 in review...

Various jobs this year:

* The usual inspirational speaking
* Babysitting here and there
* Worked at an upscale children's clothing boutique from January-August


* Passed the 6 year No Evidence of Cancer Anniversary on May 19th!
* Got my port removed after having it for 8 years!
* No other major new complaints...just the usual pain and fatigue, etc. but it's manageable!


*Graduated with my BA in Studio Art, Art Therapy and Minor in Psychology (only 8 years in the making...)...learned about printmaking, welding, papermaking, etc.
*Participated in the BA Final Show as part of graduation
*Was accepted and started grad school this fall for Counseling and Art Therapy and have been working with 3-5 year old children from the Head Start program as my first year practicum

Some of the Speaking, Teaching, Volunteer and Other Opportunities:

* Speech at St. John Vianney High School on Blessed Chaminade's Feast Day
* Speech at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center's 2010 Celebration of Cancer Survivorship
* Documentation and testimonies were taken in St. Louis and sent to the Vatican for the possible canonization of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade in regards to my miraculous cancer recovery
* Designed and helped create a large mural in a tunnel at Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital
* Taught an art class to children at hospital where I was treated
* Modeled in the Friends of Kids with Cancer fashion show as a survivor
* Various work with the American Pain Foundation as a PCAC member

There were 2 new nieces and 1 nephew and 2 new cousins' daughters born this year!

Trips: Columbia, MO; Nashville, TN; Philadelphia, PA; Princeton/Evansville, IN

Thankful for: the love and support of friends, family and God and endless blessings.

Looking forward to 2011...



Chris Ulvin said...

God Bless you Rachel and all that you touch and love - like my nephew Nick Raitt. Thank you for your grateful and praying spirit.
In Christ's love and promise,
Nick Raitt's aunt Chris

Montye Gardner said...

Hi Rachel, just found your story... thank you for sharing your journey with the world. You give hope to so many cancer patients, especially those with sarcoma. I was diagnosed in September 2009 with synovial sarcoma... I had two surgeries on my spine as well - spread to my lungs, etc.. (and given a year to live). But happy to say that I am alive and very healthy.

Looking forward to reading through your blog and drawing strength for all of your trials. Also, my mother's maiden name is Baumgartner. She comes from a very large family in Atlanta, GA. Probably no relation but I was amazed when I saw your maiden name.

Anyway, wishing you a wonderful 2011 full of God's blessings.

All my best,
Montye Gardner
Winter Park, FL