Dragonfly...My Personal Symbol

People that know me, know that my personal symbol is a dragonfly-it has been for years. I think it happened sometime after the dawn of cancer. It is a freeing symbol to me, a beautiful insect. It is hidden or obvious in most of my paintings or drawings. I want to even put one somewhere on my wedding dress, even if it is on the inside.

I regularly wear a ring with a dragonfly (shown above), a gift from my art therapist. I have many other neat dragonfly pieces-all unique and special, just like the people who gave them to me.

Different cultures' positive interpretations of the dragonfly include:

-Associations with water, spring, fertility, renewal, and considered a messenger

-The dragonfly's wings reflect and refract their beautiful colors and the light of the sun-leading to a mystical and magical symbolism.

-In Japan, the dragonfly is a symbol of joy and new light.

-Some Native American believe that dragonflies are a symbol of renewal after a time of great hardship

What's your personal symbol?

Today, I am grateful for: doctors, friends and family and renewal



Anonymous said...

thanks for letting me know about the blog. I can't believe you keep up with it daily, it was fun to read a few. I will see you tomorrow (or tonight if you want to be technical).

Sherry said...

Mine is a butterfly. I was drawn to them before breast cancer, as a symbol of struggle, change and challenge..then the freedom and the flight...very spiritual. Since breast cancer I am always thinking about these things. I really connect to what you are saying about dragonflies in the same regard...the something within us that is our spirit that wants to fly free

Anonymous said...

i love dragonflies. i didnt realize that there was this much info on them. i have a dragonfly tattoo on my right shoulder, i dont know it just somehow comforts me in many ways. they inspire me i guessw u could say. becky

Obsessedwithlife said...

Very cool-thanks for stopping by! Please come by again :). Dragonflies are so awesome!


Dragonflytami said...

I just wanted to share with you that I also have the dragonfly as my personal symbol. My life has many up and down journeys both mentally and physically also. I never really had a focus as to what could and would make my life easier to get through until I found the meaning of the dragonfly. Now when my life gets difficult, I try to imagine being free and read more into the positive things. Every meaning that I have read about the dragonfly having has inspired me to be better and realize that no matter what I have been through in my life, I always get through it. I have 4 dragonfly tattoos and I love to show them off and explain what they mean to me. I was just looking up more information on dragonflies and stumbled onto your blog, and it inspired me so much more. I just want to say THANK YOU!!


Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks Tami-nice to meet you :). Dragonflies are amazing!