FABULOUS NEWS! (updated)

Time to party!

The spot/'lucky penny' in my back is the same-still very small, not changing...Next check: 6 months unless symptoms occur

Now, on to homework= designing an entire condo (and all the 'fix-ins') in Shanghai plus all the other fun stuff for other classes.

Check out a poem (from a few years ago) and a drawing I did this summer about my experience with dealing with the new spot in my back: American Pain Foundation submission

Today I am thankful for: beautiful weather, healthy (as I can be) body, music and car windows down

I was also inspired today by a lady at Pilates. I do not know her name and much about her but she boldly told the teacher how she had 2 tumors removed 2-3 weeks ago! One in her lower back and one under her armpit. She was doing so well and it made me want to say something. I never know what to say without sounding strange but I felt her pain and determination and said a prayer for her!

Adventure for tomorrow: Classes all day, presenting my 'story' to Bio class and a haircut!

Ciao bella!



Ria said...

YEAH! We're so glad:).

Henrike said...

Just saw your comment on Kris's Crazy sexy cancer blog and had to read your blog immediately. You really are an inspiration and I added a link to your blog on mine http://fightagainstcancer.blogspot.com/

I'm a skin cancer survivor and I "see" a lot of myself and the experiences I went through in your posts. Great attitude- keep on blogging!

Anonymous said...

Hey There,

I too noticed your comment on Kris Karr's site and decided to check out your blog.

I love your energy and positivism and think it is terrific that you are sharing your journey with others. I look forward to reading more of your musings in the future.

I have started a community online which soft launched a couple of weeks ago and thought you might be interested in seeing... www.choosingjoy.com... drop by if you have time... There will be forums, contributors and more content coming in the next few weeks.

All the best to you,