How long do I have to live?

What kind of future do I have?

None of us really knows…

But my chances are greater…

To die early,

To develop more serious health problems,

To need to do things differently

But I will make the most

Of my days

And live like they are miracles,

Because they are.

-Days by rb, Oct 30th, 2007

I was reading today in the newspaper an article about a cancer survivor and one of the first lines talks about how she always worries in the back of her mind about relapsing or recurrence of her cancer. It's so true-it's something that for me never goes away. It may fade at times or be out of my thoughts for somewhat longer periods but it's a constant and it comes rearing it's ugly head sometimes.

Thankfully it has been 3 1/2 years since there has been cancer found. (Sure, there's definitely been lots of 'scares' and 'spots' that are hard to discern what they are in my body, but as far as we can tell, it's "all good" and that's good enough for me!)

Anyways, it was just some thoughts I had and a poem I wrote last week that tied in...

Today, I am grateful for: life, God, family, friends and days!



Anonymous said...

I just got my 6-month all-clear!!! It's been almost 4 years since surgery. Miracles most definitely.

Dee said...

Stay positive. It's difficult at times (trust me, I know) but positivity is contagious. Do something that makes you happy and never fall asleep without smiling first.

Obsessedwithlife said...

Yeah with a lot of stuff going on, I stay pretty positive. It was just fleeting thoughts and something that is always there-not always depressing, just the way it is!

I definitely follow your advice about doing something each day that I want to do! It keeps me going.

Thanks for dropping by!

Sherry said...

True, we always wonder "what if" and that happens outside of cancer as well. We just do the best with the day we've got...and your poem? Is beautiful!