Let Freedom Ring!

Finished with the semester. I survived! Heehee. I think I got all really good grades too which is amazing with the relapse scare at the beginning of the semester, the intense pains all over in the middle and then the nasty cold when I was trying to wrap everything up, amongst everything else that life brings. Whew.

The break will be filled with lots of stuff I have been putting off (wedding, prepping for a huge speech in April, applying to the college I'm hopefully transferring to next fall, christmas gifts, looking for a place to live, making art for my art portfolio for art school, ETC!) and lots of fun and catching up with people, I hope, too.

Don't get me wrong-I am SO grateful to be privileged enough to go to school again. It had been many years that of stopping and starting or just not having a stable health life to be able to commit to full-time credited school. Instead, I traveled, did artwork, worked at a job that was great about everything, volunteered and took continuing ed classes amongst other stuff. I was blessed and it led me to this point where I really appreciate the joy of learning. I see all these other people-all ages- complain all the time about this and that at school and I just want to say something but of course I don't. Sure, complaining/venting has its place for all of us, but some people, it seems, that is all they know how to do. I also want to say, if you do not want to be here, you have a choice and you do not have to.

To everyone reading: the blog's been a great motivator and distraction, so thank you for your prayers, comments and inspiration! I truly appreciate all my new and old friends- haha, reminds me of Girl Scouts..."Make new friends...but keep the old ones...".

Today, I am grateful for: fresh homemade smoothies (one of my new favorite things-yum!), friends, family, breaks to refresh my body and soul and God.

Lots of love,


PS-I'm starting to feel better. Thanks for all your messages, prayers and everything else!! Truly appreciate it :).


Rachel's sister said...

Oh! So, yesterday while I was laying in bed recuperating, I saw this thing on TV (BTW - daytime TV stinks), but anyway...I think it might have been on some extended version of the Today show maybe and it was a "personal smoothie maker" of sorts. The part that you put all the ingredients in just popped off the blender part and voila! ready to go! it even came with a straw in the lid. :) (just thought I'd share that with ya) :) Love and hugs to you sister!

Lindsay said...

Ooohhh man I feel you soo much on the trying to go to school thing. I just finished too, I've been part-timing for 2 semesters while all this health stuff goes on. I get so jealous of the people who are full time and complain. I would kill to have that opportunity again...congrats on finishing and glad you are feeling better =)

Lori B said...

Congrats! A smoothie sounds great right about now!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations,Rachel!! Relax and enjoy every minute of your time off!

Jamie said...

Yay! You're done. Good work. Now you need to get a bit of relaxing time in - you so deserve it.

Out of curiousity: what do you all use to make your smoothies?

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks everyone for you lovely comments :)!!

Jamie-I've been experimenting with frozen berries (antioxidents!), fresh fruit, cucumbers a little, 100% fruit juice, frozen fruit bars, etc :). (all in the blender, don't have a juicer...)