Suggestions from You

Since everyone is SO good at giving me and each other in this AWESOME group suggestions, I thought I'd throw another one out there for you. Then, I'll post the results in a week or 2 for everyone!

Two days of the week I have really long days at school-from about 11 AM to 10 PM. I have to bring lots of foods to snack on. I have a 1-2 hour break each day to eat a meal. I do have access to a microwave though I haven't really used it. I prefer to bring stuff from home because it's usually much healthier, easier and of course, cheaper.

What are your favorite "brown bag" things? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. What a great group this is!

Today, I am grateful that: I haven't gotten sick when many around me have, friends, family, comfy clothes :) and God.



No one is you ...& that's your power said...

Hello just stumbled across your blog. You write great things and have a wise head on those shoulders. I loved reading about the different things on your blog . I like grays anatomy , I live in brighton in the united kingdom and we get it on Living channel. Dr Sheperd is ( Mc Dreamy!)gorgeous, my husband knows I am in love with him!!. I wish him & meredith could just live happily ever after though, am waiting for the next series to see!.
You have been through so much and maintained a beautifull blog with lots of insight & thoughts.
please drop by if you get chance & say hi
x Dominique

SweetAnnee said...

I know you don't have a micro wave
but can you get an ice pack?? take fresh fruits slices, celery, carrots, brocoli, blueberries, a protein drink from frest juices..nuts, cheese, and piece of DARk chocolate!!

Mamacita said...

When I had to eat more veggies as snacks (like 7 servings a day) I found out I loved green peppers and the other bell peppers sliced up. I love them alone or with a little ranch dip:).

Obsessedwithlife said...

Hi Dominique-Welcome and thanks for leaving a comment!

Deena-I DO have a microwave at school but have never used it! Thanks for your great ideas-I love Ghiradelli's 70% cacao choco chips! Pop a few-yum!

Maria-I love green peps! Great on sandwiches, alone, in pitas with hummus-oh yeah!

Jaime said...

I like making my own trail mix...sunflower seeds, almonds, banana chips, dried cranberries, and some chocolate m&ms. :) I also like Balance bars, pretzels, animal crackers, carrots......

Anonymous said...

So sorry I have not been commenting or replied to your email! I used to have that long day at school and I hated it! But I did like bringing a mini bagle with peanut butter. Gave me lots of energy to get through the rest of the day...or I would just leave and go to Bread Co for soup and to study!

Dee said...

Okay, my favorite things...things I bring to class with me almost all the time.

A.L.T. Sandwich-
Romaine Lettuce
Alfalfa Sprouts
Celtic Sea Salt
on Sprouted Grain bread
(the trick to this is to make sure you don't get too ripe of Avocados otherwise it will be mushy!)

Chopped vegetable salad-
(tupperware is my friend! and for veggies that can sometimes cause others to get oogy, I use little ziplocs)
Baby Italian Greens
Oil cured olives (or just giant pitted black olives)
Purple Cabbage
Mung Bean Sprouts
Tomatoes (I usually use either cherry or grape tomatoes, depending)

And then for snacks, baby carrots are great or just chop up actual carrots. Bolthouse carrot juice, I also sometimes make my 'Green Lemonade' and put it in a Nalgene bottle and take it with me.

I could go on and on let me know if you want/need more.

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks Jaime, Brandy and Dee!

Dee-more would be great but these are terrific too!!

Anonymous said...

Rachel - Sugar snap peas are a favorite of mine. I also get these circle tupperwares w/ 3 seciotns. I slice apples (Honeycrisp with a sprinkle of lemon juice so they don't get brown), slices of mozzerella and crackers and put them in the tupperware. That way I eat not too much of anything. Also string cheese and almonds in a bag. And of course, diet coke. Sara

Anonymous said...

Remind me and I will give you Christy Millsaps healthy muffin recipe. You can freeze them and take them along and they are seriously like a meal. That means a lot to me b/c it takes a LOT to make me think a muffin is a meal Sara

Anonymous said...

OK so I have found a few new things at Trader Joes. One is veggie dip made of yogurt/chives/cilantro. It is AMAZING and is really healthy but tastes like it is not. It is good with veggies and bruschetta crackers. I also like the Trader Joes roasted garlic hummus on crackers. --Sara