Yes, it's true, I'm getting 'old'. Older than I think anyone ever thought, especially a lot of people in the medical field. Today, I am 25 and so grateful to be so!

I had MANY wonderful birthday presents and there is one today that was in the form of art portfolio review at the college I will (for sure now) be transfering to and attending in the fall. I was secretly looking forward to it.

Early this morning I gathered up an 'artsy outfit', my father and 2 huge portfolios plus a large business-like bag-all full of my artwork and headed off to the reviews. I was feeling confident but still, there's always that doubt in your mind no matter how confident or prepared you may feel. Well, did I do enough? Is it what they are looking for? What do other people have? Maybe I should have done more over spring break...that sort of thing. The voice never leaves any of our heads, it seems.

I went into the review and spread out my paintings, drawings, photographs, sketchbooks, etc. I got along well with the Chair of the Art Department and the professor that were both reviewing. It felt amazing to have them say positive things about my work and get into a nice conversation with each one about various topics. I was assured I was accepted even though they do not usually let people know the day of the interviews. The entire day I have felt like I am floating. The tour of campus, just everything, I sat there and thought this is my future, this feels SO right. Now I just have to get through the last month and a half of my current school and program.

That's the most pensive I'm going to get about my birthday tonight. Do I feel different? Yes, but not because I'm 25 now, it's because I have so many solid things in my future that feel so wonderful and right! This birthday gal is ready for some sleepy-time.

Today, I am grateful for way more than I can type right now.



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and Congrats on school!! I can't believe you are already done!! We'll celebrate Monday at lunch!

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! This is such good news - and on your birthday weekend too. :-) It is wonderful to hear things coming together...you are going to be GREAT!

Doctor David said...

Happy Birthday! (belated... sorry)

Wild About Words said...


Hooray for turning 25! You're not getting older, you're getting much wiser. And I know you appreciate this lovely milestone more than most.

Congratulations on getting into that school. I'm so glad you're looking forward to so many exciting adventures in your future.

With all good wishes,

Anonymous said...

hey girl - congrats on the school news! which school are you going to be attending?? also - many apologies for missing your birthday - my head was all about babies this weekend (we were sure my sister was going to go into labor on saturday, no luck!) So.... happy birthday!

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks friends :D! What a good bday weekend!!