Just a note...

I will be taking a break from the blog for the time being-however long that happens to be. Not to worry, I just need time away.


Today, I am grateful for: love, friendship, neat lives that have touched me and gone on to heaven, prayers, support, honesty and God.



Dee said...

*hugs you tightly*.

You have email my love. And your blog entries will be severely missed.

Wild About Words said...


Hope you are okay. I keep up with all the interesting things you're doing on your blog. So, for now, I'll wish you a relaxing, restorative blog break.

All best,

neda said...

hi there!

i just happened to stumble across your blog and i think i feel in love with it. i love the idea of being "obsessed with life" and i also think that it's important for us to be grateful for the beautiful things we have in life. great blog!

have a good break :)

Ryan Armbrust said...

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Momar Van Der Camp said...

Time away? But we love you.

Anonymous said...

It's just not the same when I don't hear from Rachel everyday!

Lindsay said...

Thanks! I'm feeling a little bit better. Why did you have to get it re-done? I don't k now if you will get this message...I'm not sure how else to get a hold of you. =(