Spring and New Life

It's amazing what the (drawn-out) ending of a medicine, coupled with a break and a tease of spring out the windows (of home, school or car) can do for a person!

I feel that the clouds lifting outside after so many weeks of snow and gray skies is symbolic of how I am starting to feel too. There is also the wonderful timing of Easter and its symbol of new life.

The MRI results also bring more thoughts of 'new life'-that whatever is in my back is staying put, maybe even improving and my thoughts and energy can focus on more positive events.

Today, I am grateful for: family, nice weather, it's the end of the school week, God, prayers.


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Anonymous said...

So glad the clouds are lifting! This week, I am learning how to balance a lot of things without allowing them to overwhelm me. I keep reminding myself of what is most important. :-) I AM ALIVE!!! MY HUBBY IS WELL!!! Life is beautiful.