The Time Has Come to Reveal the 'BIG news'...

My friend/practically sister, Kelly, nominated me for Glamour magazine's 'Woman of Your Year' contest (thanks SO much, Kelly). The contest rules said this-

Who is your Woman of the Year?

Tell us about the unsung hero who's making the world a better place--whether she's a teacher, a doctor, a community activist or a cop. She could be featured in an upcoming issue of Glamour.

Glamour's Women of the Year Awards shine a spotlight on high-achieving women who inspire us all. But there are plenty of women whose amazing work never gets recognized.

Who inspired you this year? Write a paragraph telling us her name, her age, how you know her, what she's done this year to help others beyond your immediate family or circle and what impact she's had--whether she's saved lives, gotten legislation passed or raised awareness for a cause.

Well...I have been speaking to people at Glamour on and off for the past week and I am one of 5 finalists!!!

Starting on August 4th, voting will begin on the Glamour website-where the public (this is where you come in ;)) will decide who the winner is! I really appreciate if you would spread the word on your blogs, to your friends via Facebook, MySpace, email, whatever! Thanks so much :). I will definitely put up more details when I become aware of them!

Click here for info from last year's star-studded event!

Today, I am grateful for so much love and opportunity, for amazing friends, family and hubby, for God's graces.



Henrike said...

You couldn't stop us from rallying support even if you wanted us ;-)

Honestly, I can't think of anyone who's more deserving to be recognized. People need to hear your story. I'll post messages on all my social networking sites and the LAF message board.

Hope that helps. Hugs,

P.s: Just returned from the Summit. It was amazing- so many stories to share- will write about it probably tomorrow or the day after- still a bit jet-lagged.

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks-that'll help a lot!! I can't wait to hear about the Summit-sorry I missed it!


Lori B said...

I will definitely be rooting for you and publish on my blog and let my friends know! Keep us updated!

Anonymous said...

Ah! That's so exciting Rachel! Have any of your friends that have facebook started a group yet? I can and I'll invite as many people as I can to "vote for Rachel". Just let me know! -Diana