Little Things Make me Happy

Anyone who has known me for awhile, knows that I am lucky-not just medically-but whenever there's a drawing or something of the sort, there's a pretty good chance I'll win. It still kind of amazes me to this day how often this happens. Off the top of my head, some of the things I can remember winning have included: a riverboat day cruise for my 2nd grade class and time on TV, a DVD player, an MP3 player, a karaoke machine, posters, CDs, books, etc.

So, on Friday there was a meeting for the art department at my university and there was a ticketed drawing. I sat there not really knowing anyone and intently studying my little red ticket when it was called. I walked up and was delighted to receive a T-shirt and a tote bag. What made me smile about them though was they were donated by an art store that I worked at for 3 years. I have fond memories-they were fantastic about supporting me through my cancer experiences. I worked there after the 3rd time I was diagnosed and would work when I was not undergoing treatments. This was where I applied to work about a month after finding out my grim diagnosis and wanted to just live life and have a job like a 'normal person'. When I was interviewed, I definitely down-played my situation a ton. Thankfully, it all worked out.

So now I have a new t-shirt and a new tote from a place I was proud to work and still love going by and saying hi!

Today, I am grateful for: opportunities, a great weekend!, a fun week ahead (I'll tell you more probably on Thurs. or Friday when I get back but I'll still check in if you want to leave a comment-hint, hint!), family, friends, God and life!



Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip. I enjoyed all the family time this weekend and also getting to spend time with your mom and dad.
Mom L.

Meaghan said...


What a great post! I know how hard the fight is and you have a wonderful outlook on life. Its funny how things work out and come together. I wanted to let you know I posted a bulletin on my myspace page about the contest. I have about 2k friends so I think you should get a couple votes from that ;)

Lots of Love,
Meaghan (your "C" sister)