Quote & Note

“Look at what you've got and make the best of it.
It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”


I'm just trying to enjoy the last few days until school hits me atop the head on Monday and goes into full-swing! I know life is about to get even more crazy...

Not sure if I've mentioned it here but I am out of retirement-I am babysitting again! Eeeks! ...and well, I love it! I have some amazing families-that I have been meeting-that live around us. It cannot be beat-hanging out with great kids (usually includes some built-in exercise in there), having a flexible schedule that changes every week (I'm not committing to a set regimen) and the pay isn't bad either! As I looked for a part-time job, I came back to an old favorite-that I did before my other jobs-and so far, so good!

Quick funny story about that though: I asked 2 kids (6 & 8)- "How old do you think I am?" One guessed 16, one guessed 20. When I told them 25-they said, "Whoa-you're old! Our usual babysitter is 13." (Haha!)

Today, I am grateful for opportunities, ability to help others, friends, hubs, family, little gifts like coconut water!-thanks, you know who you are!, and GOD.


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Meaghan said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hi!

Good luck in school :)