Wow. Thanks!

I cannot thank everyone enough for their support in the Glamour magazine contest (if you could see my face-I've been grinning a lot!). This effort is going farther than I ever thought possible and it's only been 24 hours!

I have been getting comments/emails from people around the globe and the number of visitors on my blog yesterday went up by 500%!

People have been very supportive on Facebook (Thanks Diana for setting that up) and posting super nice things on their blogs (you know who you are-THANKS!)

Keep voting daily (and maybe more-we're unsure yet but you may be able to vote more than once a day) and spreading the word!

All the info is in the post below or in the upper right hand column of the blog!

Today, I am grateful for all friends far and wide, family, support, and God watching over it all!



Anonymous said...

I voted twice today.

Matthew Zachary said...

Congrats Rachel on this amazing accolade. We're all here rooting for you as a shining example of the "cancer under 40" movement! I'd love to book you on The Stupid Cancer Show for this Fall to share your story with our listership of tens of thousands. Rock on and Keep on!

Matthew Zachary
12-Year Young Adult Survivor
Founder, Executive Director
I'm Too Young For This!


Anonymous said...

Rachel, fellow SJA grad here - 1989. You truly ARE an inspiration and I will spread the word though my Facebook too for the WOTY contest. Keep on putting those feet in front of the other - you are destined for great things and are already in the now for some of those!

In Sisterhood,
Kim Thomas Linn