My blogging time will be brief this week but look forward to pictures of my hair (hint- I had my hairdresser do some major chopchop!)...It's midterm week and I'm swimming to stay afloat. Next week I have a full week off and hope to blog a lot!

Today, I am grateful for that break coming up, that even though I'm developing a cold, I haven't felt too bad today, for friends, family, a relaxing weekend with lots of family time, and GOD!


PS- I fixed that last post that had issues, I realized!


Meaghan said...

Thanks for entering to get free coffee :) I really appreciate the support!

I just had two buttons made one for the coffee blog and one for the GTB Fights cancer blog(www.gtbfightscancer.blogspot.com). If you want 6 extra entries for the free coffee add them to your blog :) Just make sure you leave a comment saying you did!


Anonymous said...

Well hey stranger! Haven't seen you in a while. Wanna see some fall pics? http://tinyurl.com/6evge4 We are all over the place these days, basically back and forth between New Hampshire and home. It sounds like you are all over the place too! I hope you don't get really sick...stuff is going around. :-( HUGS.