Past Places

While studying last night, I felt compelled to write a little poetry-something I have not done in awhile. Maybe it just took being in an old place-an old friend.

It is strange

Traversing in places

That are so incredibly familiar

So much that I could walk blindfolded here

Yet with the passing of time

It has changed

The people are the same

Yet we have changed

Some loss has occurred

Yet so much has been gained

Brilliant memories

Blended and intertwined with difficult ones

For one night

I am living in the past

And the future

All at the same time

But when you look closer-

Is that not what every day

Really is?

-Rachel 10.17.2008

Today, I am grateful to be on fall break after one more exam that I'm feeling good about, for not having too bad of a cold this week and being able to nap some, for friends, family and God, for fun stuff to do over break :) and time to recharge!


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