Hi everyone-I missed you!

I'm in the midst of finals and final projects for the semester, so I'll probably be more brief than I'd like.

Let's see...

-I'm now a year older since I wrote last-I'm 26-yay!

-I was sick on and off from the end of February until the middle of April with colds/sinus infections and then a temporarily swollen neck that thankfully turned out to be nothing (we feared something serious was happening with my thyroid...poor thing has been on meds for years)...I am finally feeling better!

-In happy news, I had my first joint speaking engagement with my husband to about 600 high schoolers-very cool experience!, had another great speaking engagement at a high school senior scholar banquet, enjoyed lots of great times with family and friends-new and old and some that have reemerged from the past to much delight!

-I technically work 3 different jobs so between that and 18 hours of school this semester, that has taken the majority of the time.

Hopefully I'll write more soon.

Today, I am grateful for life, happiness, friends, family and God!



Thuy said...

Thanks for welcoming me back to the blogosphere. :) So glad you and your hubby had a good speaking engagement; sounds like a very unifying thing to do as a couple! And happy belated birthday!!

Bethany said...

Yay, you're back! I'm glad you feel better and giid luck on finals! I'm going to have to find yall a speaking engagement in Texas so I can go see : )