The Ending and Beginning of Something New

I ended the semester yesterday with a final critique for a drawing class and today I start my art therapy apprenticeship!

I wanted to write about how strange dreams are though. Late yesterday afternoon, while thoroughly exhausted, I fell asleep watching TV on the couch. I suddenly was on a study abroad trip or a vacation with some people from my art classes. Then suddenly we were all outside and a seemingly friendly horse came up and was licking my arm like crazy. He proceeded to start gnawing on my arm (the one that still has some pain and numbness but is status quo and manageable) to where he was becoming aggressive and acted like he was going to eat me. His owners just stood aside and did nothing as I yelled for help. Thankfully, for some reason I was able to get away and run quickly into a house. The people inside were nice and kept me safe as the horse was outside on his hind legs.

I was really happy to wake up and felt like my arm still hurt from the experience. I don't normally remember my dreams very well but this one was very vivid.

What kind of crazy dreams have you had?

Today, I am grateful for about a month off of school, music, friends, family and God.



Lindsay said...

I tend to have dreams that mirror my real life, only crazier. Maybe that dream means you have been thinking about the pain in your arm a lot, and just not realizing it. My weirdest dreams though are that I'm pregnant. I have them pretty often. Even though I know for a fact I'm not pregnant, nor do I plan to be anytime soon I looked it up anyway in a dream book. It actually means you are trying to show someone you love them, and the pregnancy symbolizes a waiting period for something to happen in your life. Weird huh?

Anonymous said...

I definitely know what you mean about symbolic dreams.....p.s. I am glad you found my blog! :)