West Newsmagazine Article

Mom and I enjoying dinner in Madrid
Since I did not get a chance to write about my trip, I wanted to share this great cover story that does a nice job explaining about the trip:

West Newsmagazine article  (click on the cover page and then go to pg. 44-45)

I jumped into school just hours from returning from Europe and have been going ever since with classes, practicum and lots of activities...

Next up on speaking:  Opening for Mitch Albom (author of Tuesdays with Morrie) in November!  Can't wait!

Today, I am grateful for life experiences, blessings, learning and challenges, and most of all: family, friends and God.



Carly said...

Mitch Albom??? You are a rock star girl! That is soooo exciting!

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks, Carly...hoping to see you possibly tomorrow at the walk...I have a friend staying with me this weekend but hoping we can make it!

Dee said...

Thanks for sharing about the article your Miracle.
I saw Pope John Paul in 1995 and always felt close to him. So when when I was diagnosed in 2005 I started praying to him. I truly believe he got me through some very rough times.

Oh and speaking before Mitch Albom - WOW! Congratulations.

dmartinemtp said...

Thank-you so much for your article and I enjoyed reading your blog. I was also 15 at my diagnosis of Ewing's sarcoma of the lower spine. I was an athlete in high school. My prognosis was grim. But here I am at age 41...25 Years after diagnosis. I'm still walking. I'm a Paramedic and working with anesthesia. We are the miracles. Thank-you again for your story. Diana M.

Obsessedwithlife said...

Thanks for your comment and sharing, Diana! Inspirational!