Rad Fairy

Aloha! Last night I did some MAJOR cleaning in my 'apartment' and came across an old friend from my past...My very own Radiation Fairy or "Rad Fairy" for short (pic above). When I had radiation 4 1/2 years ago I did some mind imagery. One of the radiation beams carried a sweet fairy that would come in to my back and work on the tumor between my heart, lung, spine and pulmonary artery. The other beam was a big burly tough guy who would chisel away at the tumor. Well, they seemed to have done their jobs quite well! I never got around to making Mr. Tough Guy but I did make Radiation Fairy...she even inspired a big painting that I donated to the radiation department at my hospital!

In life, it's like do what you need to do to survive and that fairy and macho man got me through radiation (and some tough times) with flying colors...no pun intended!

Today, I am grateful for: more nice weather, an easy day of classes and of course, friends and family!



Rachel's sister said...

I've never seen the "Rad Fairy" before! I've heard about her, but never knew she actually exists! ;) That painting in the cancer center is one of my favorites.

I've decided to take your "lead" and make sure to identify what I'm grateful for each day...today, it's having you for my sister!

Diana said...

Hey, the rad fairy is pretty awesome! I'm not sure what to suggest for your engagement pics. You got engaged in the summer and are getting married in the summer so maybe a nice, simple summer dress? Then again, its fall-ish weather so sweaters might look nice! As long as you are comfortable. Hope you are doing well and maybe we'll run into each other at school!

Sherry said...

Love the rad fairy...using imagery is very helpful in treatment...I really believe that.
The painting is fresh and sunny and the hospital must have been over joyed when you gave it to them.