Art as Therapy

Obviously art as therapy interests me-a lot-thus why I want to become an art therapist. On Fridays at my university, the art students work in the art studios (we have classes off and are expected to be there working on stuff and also attend a noon artist lecture that the university arranges). I really like the set-up and have been pretty productive the last 2 Fridays which helps to enjoy the weekends even more.

Last Friday I had a paint mixing exercise to work on and had some leftover paint. Since growing up, my family wasn't big on wasting anything, I did not want to waste the paint.

I took it and started playing around on some extra paper. The more I experimented, the more the art became introspective of life right now. I had a busy background with swirls and various colors and overlapping designs. Then I painted a person in white with some dimension that is looking towards the chaos and the arms are crossed or outstretched (unseen from the viewer's angle). I realized it is somewhat representational of my life right now. I was pleased with the outcome and am thinking it might get a 'wall spot' in the condo. Here it is:

Today, I am grateful for a night to relax, hopefully a snow day tomorrow (crossing my fingers b/c it's my 13 hour school day...), friends, family and God!



Anonymous said...

Wow! That's amazing. You're so talented ....

Rachel's sister said...

Awesome painting - definitely deserves a wall spot. :) Hoping for that snow day too! (Even though I do love our Tuesday night dinners) :) Love you lots!

Mamacita said...

Very cool! Hope you got a snow day:)

Wild About Words said...


I really love that picture.

Hope you're doing well.


Lindsay said...

I love it Rach!! That feels like my life as well.