Posts of 2008

I decided I would go about highlighting posts from 2008 by linking my favorite one from each month. Here goes (just click on the titles if you want to read a specific one):

January- Plan for a long future but live in the moment

February-Tribute to Holly Young

March-Two Worlds Colliding

April-Self-Portrait (painting)

May-My Commencement Speech

June-Life Statements

July-New Life

August-My Brother's Man of Honor Speech

September-Los Angeles Trip Speech

October-I Miss my Friends

November-Gabe's Poem

December- The Last Ones (song by Matthew West)

After reading through the last year via the blog, it's been a SUPER busy time...makes me tired just reading about it all but the year was oh so FUN (minus the not fun stuff of course like people passing away, etc)!

Hopefully 2009 will bring such blessings to everyone too!

I am grateful for all the blessings, family, friends, another new year and God!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
I don't know if I ever told you that I printed out the "I Miss My Friends" blog you wrote about Aaron and gave to his family. They were so touched by what you wrote. Aaron's mom, Patti, said it meant so much to her. My husband, Bob, teaches Sr. High Sunday School at our church and saved a copy. He intends to make a Sunday School lesson out of it eventually. Thanks for sharing your favorite blogs. It was fun for me to go back and read them. I did not start following your blog until after the wedding. Have a great week this week.
Debbie Nagy